“To Live” won the award, so that Ge You won the best actor, but not in the domestic screening, so far still let people look forward to

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In 1992, Zhang Yimou contacted Yu Hua to adapt his novel A Mistake by the River into a film. Unexpectedly, he found that Yu Hua was working on a new novel. The novel was not long, only more than 70,000 words, but Zhang Yimou was deeply immersed in it.Zhang yimou was so impressed by the novel that he immediately changed his mind and turned the new novel into a film of the same name. The novel is called To Live.”What impressed me most about the novel is that it depicts the resilience and survival spirit of the Chinese people who bear silently,” Zhang said.Despite zhang yimou’s approval of “To Live”, he is also worried about the novel, which seems to have a simple theme, but has a grand background, a long span of years and a complicated historical background. Let alone whether the 90-minute film can tell the story completely, even if it is really shot, can it be released normally?But if he doesn’t make this film, he will regret his life and regret yu Hua. Thinking of this, Zhang Yimou made up his mind to make it.So he quickly put the casting, location and so on agenda.Zhang yimou approached Ge You to play the leading role of Fugui, but Ge did not immediately agree.Before that, Ge Youduo appeared on the screen as a comedian, many people said that just seeing Ge You would already want to laugh, but to Live is more like a literary film, this image is too different.For this Ge You also deliberately reported a high film pay to dissuade Zhang Yimou, did not think zhang Yimou laughed more satisfied, the original budget he gave much higher than Ge You requirements.Actress reels off by zhang gong li as the girlfriend, character is chosen after location, because the time span of this film is very big, the location is also more demanding, therefore, zhang sent a lot of people choose scene everywhere, until he has friends recommend shandong zhoucun, a business with many traditional architecture ancient streets.Finally, “To Live” was about to be born here, but after filming began, Zhang yimou called Yu Hua and apologetically told him that “To Live” could be made, but only the least brilliant part.Yu hua didn’t say much about this, but he was also worried about another problem: no magazine would publish yu Hua’s novel “To Live.”None of Yu’s manuscripts received much attention until an editor he knew told him, “The content is too bold. No magazine would dare to publish it.”This result lets Yu Hua suffer a blow deeply, however fortunately is the dark side is bright again village, when Yu Hua thinks this book will be tarred with dust, “harvest” magazine handed olive branch, they want to serialize this novel in the magazine, and magazine editor is ba Jin, then under his support, “Alive” successfully published.At the same time, the filming of “To Live” was also very smooth. In 1994, Zhang Yimou took “to Live” but participated in the Cannes Film Awards, people did not expect that “to Live” even swept the foreign major awards, for a time, the heat only increased, Ge You also won the best Actor title.Interestingly, in the award of best actor, Ge You also almost make a joke, the original host at the time of the award read Ge You’s name, but Ge You don’t understand French didn’t understand, but also with Gong Li ridicule: “the award is so abrasive, no one gets, give me!”Stage host again with English repeat again, Gong Li hurriedly patted Ge You: “read is your name!”The award was not only an honor for “To Live”, but also made Ge You the first Chinese mainland winner of the Best Actor award in Cannes.Get this award for Ge You is very unexpected, after his frank speech again make people laugh and cry, the original reporter asked him the award speech, Ge You directly said: “this…All he gave me was a piece of paper and no money.”In fact, this is the humble words of Ge You, he has been low-key and powerful actors, he played “fu GUI” is also very popular.With the explosion of the film, the original novel is also very eye-catching, a publisher contacted Yu Hua to publish “Alive”, this harvest also let Yu Hua happy.Now, the book “To Live” has been republished, and the film won awards in foreign countries, but for some reasons not in the domestic public screening, many audiences are looking forward to see the film, fortunately, the TV version of “to Live” has entered the field of vision, but also let the story presented in front of more audiences.Yu Hua has won many awards for his book “To Live,” which has been translated into many languages by Sinologists from more than 30 countries, including Britain, France, Germany and Italy.Yu Hua became very popular, and also brought the “Fugui” in his book to the people of the world. What kind of person was Fugui?Young dandyism, love to play or gambling, at this time he has what kind of consequences everyone feel he deserves.But your exactly and kindness of heart, house deserted him after he finally aware of their responsibilities, began to become a responsible person, but the age he lives didn’t give him too much preferential treatment, family death, by press gang, between life and death time is the difference between nature and man, daughter and mother illness became deaf, daughter-in-law of pain because of work left.Look forward to return fu GUI very not easy, had not long reunion year, the son of fu GUI lost life because of accident, the daughter very not easy married honest person however because of production haemorrhage and die, the wife leaves in despair.Misfortunes never come alone. After a few years, her son-in-law died unexpectedly and her only grandson choked to death, leaving only an old cow to accompany her.But it seems like such a tragedy of life, but never said sorrow, he went through hardships, or strong to live, he has always been open-minded, optimistic, because in his opinion, his life has been illuminated by light, so do not waste his life.He also had despair, but he is still alive, young he lives rich, wealth scattered when the wife and children do not abandon, very not easy to come back from the war can still be reunited with the family, as a father his son is kind and clever, deaf and dumb daughter also has an honest husband.It is always happy and reassuring to recall these blessings.”Sometimes I feel sad, and sometimes I feel relieved,” he said.The death of loved ones is a pain that Fugui cannot resolve, but it has to face, and then continue to live well. Yu Hua’s writing can be said to be merciless, life is difficult, why to live, and how to live?Yu Hua said, “People live for life itself, not for anything besides life.Life belongs to everyone’s own feelings, not to anyone else’s opinion.””To Live” was made into a film, which is considered zhang yimou’s best yet, but admittedly fails to capture more of the original story.The film and the novel is different, after all, did not put all the tragedy of the novel on the screen, and finally fu GUI’s side and his wife Jiazhen and grandson steamed bread together with his efforts to live, the past has passed, living people continue to live……After watching To Live, one can’t help thinking of romain Rolland’s words: “There is only one true heroism in the world, that is to love life even after knowing the truth of life.”Perhaps this is what “To Live” wants to tell us, yu Hua writes in the preface: nothing is happier than to live, and nothing is more difficult than to live.The seemingly tragic plot of this novel is actually full of hope, life is not easy, so we should live well.In addition to the tragic and lonely life, there are a lot of humor and warmth buried in the plot, let people laugh with tears, despair and feel a new hope.When a person experienced all kinds of hardships alive, but also optimistic to live, so he is an extraordinary hero!Saw fu GUI experienced vicissitudes of life and strong picture of survival, you can not find a good reason to live.After reading Xu Fugui’s life, people are constantly learning how down-to-earth he is and how hard he tries to live on his own hands.Learning that he does not steal not rob, do not fight not to seize, alone open-minded;Learn from his openness to face the bleak, to look at life and death calmly, to live in the present moment.If you are confused about the meaning of life, you can watch To Live by Yu Hua.Want to see the most authentic content of the work, want to understand the author wants to express the connotation or should read the original work to better appreciate.For life, we should have the most attitude is, if it is bright, we welcome it with a smile, if it goes through the wind and rain, we keep smiling, forge ahead.Yu hua’s outstanding works in addition to the “alive”, and “brother”, “xu through sell blood to record”, “” cry in the rain, is very worth reading, want to understand yu hua’s more outstanding works, you can click the link below to go to buy, can obtain 79 yuan:” alive “+” brothers “+” xu through sell blood to record “, “Shouting in the drizzle” left left left