The child primary school fifth grade, calculate very poor often make mistakes, still can copy wrong figure sometimes, how to do

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This problem is rather difficult to solve, to be honest, there are not many ways, I will try to give my opinion.First of all, I want to say that calculation error is a more serious problem, must cause the attention of parents.Calculation problem, in fact, a lot of parents not, quite a number of parents direct messages to ask my question, is how to promote children’s mathematical thinking, or for one type of application, such as formation formula issue, let me speak to the child should be how to solve these problems is very important also, of course, but even more crucial fundamental problem or calculation.When I asked parents children how computing power, many parents don’t think this is a key problem, although some parents believe that children, even computing power will be penalised, but on the sixth grade through the training for a week or two should be able to fully meet the test requirements, I think he must think too simple.To solve the problem, I think the first thing is to know why the child will calculate wrong, why will copy wrong numbers.First, we need to know what, the calculations of fifth grade, in fact, in the fifth grade is not the traditional calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, including the use of some algorithms, such as multiplication distributive law associative law, etc., and scores and decimal calculation, these content than everyone in the traditional arithmetic more complicated.The figure above is the human education edition of primary school mathematics fifth grade volume of knowledge content, decimals multiplication and division is one of the key content.The second volume of fifth grade touched the addition and subtraction of fractions, which raised the difficulty of calculation to a level.Common arithmetic should not difficult most of the children, it should be said that from the perspective of the rules of operation, will not have children really not calculate these Numbers (if operator to grade five don’t know, that really don’t tangle, is the brain is bad), of course, will calculate and calculate right or two different things, even large Numbers,That is, the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of more than ten thousand numbers, if you let him do it slowly, should also work out the correct result, so I think, first of all, to rule out the child will not, do not understand the rules of operation this thing.If there is no problem with the calculation rules, but he cannot master the simple calculation and cannot do it correctly, I can only say that his training is not enough. Do you see if he often makes mistakes in his name?I think the answer must be no. Why is the name good? It is written too much.Is not serious, not enough training caused by.In this case, I think the corresponding method is to strengthen the training amount, do some simple arithmetic exercises every day, let him form a conditioned reflex, form a memory, so that there is no mistake, because you have to memorize the numbers.In fact, many parents have a cognitive misunderstanding, think that addition and subtraction is simple, multiplication and division is difficult, let’s say, of the four operations, the simplest is multiplication and division, have you seen in real life to calculate 5×8 into 64?No!Why is that?Because Chinese people recite 5840 from childhood, this result is memorized, not calculated at all, that is to say, if you are more careful, or combined with their own actual recall, no one will make a mistake in multiplication, because it is not calculated at all!The second is addition, especially the addition without carry is relatively simple, because we are in daily life in contact with a lot of addition, especially the number of small addition, frankly speaking, these answers have been engraved in the brain, there is no need to calculate directly out of the number.In terms of carry addition, there are actually some kids who don’t do very well with carry addition, although overall, it’s easy to add, but there are some kids who don’t do very well with carry addition, and they essentially don’t remember the answers, so they practice less.Demotion is actually one of the most difficult calculations to master, and the one with the highest error rate, so you can see if your child has a problem with it.Usually take your children to make oral arithmetic cards, which are almost the same in the market. I recommend this kind of cards that can be torn off, so that children will have a sense of achievement after finishing. Of course, in terms of content, I think there is not much difference between oral arithmetic cards in the market.If there is a mistake in the calculation of decimals, I think it is most likely because the digits are not aligned during the calculation. No matter the addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of decimals, its operation rules are the same as those of integers, that is, the alignment of a position and the corresponding relationship between digits are required.The concept of digit alignment is also very easy to understand, and I’m sure all children know this rule, and the reason why they get it wrong is that the digits are not aligned, so I’m going to go out on a wild guess and guess that your child’s handwriting is very bad, very sloppy, and you can’t even find the decimal point at the end.The addition and subtraction of the score may be a difficult point (the fifth grade has not learned the multiplication and division of the score), I anyway is to see some children’s score addition and subtraction to do very poor, common points will not, calculation is also slow, error rate is also high, want me to say, or the following third grade multiplication is not good, all points pass what?Denominator ah (judge the size of the score may be through the numerator, the score calculation is generally through the denominator), denominator operation is simple multiplication, but in fact, a lot of students can see that slow ah, eyes can see the topic, do a minute or do not come out, is the foundation is too poor.If the fifth grade calculation error, especially easy to copy wrong numbers, training is a problem, writing is also a problem, I hope the subject well standardize their children’s learning habits, completely solve the calculation problem.I am youbo mathematics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences doctor of science, pay attention to me to bring you more learning methods and problem-solving ideas of the dry content.