Jiangxi girl to do interpretation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the scene “upgrade” have secrets!

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Original source | urban scene do not reprint without permission is located in hebei zhangjiakou division, national center for winter two bear the winter Olympic Games in Beijing in winter two and two winter paralympic winter games, there is a volunteers is responsible for the translation of jiangxi people.Chen Xuanyu, a native of Nanchang, Jiangxi province, is a second-year graduate student majoring in English interpretation at Hebei Normal University. Since he joined the National Biathlon Center as a volunteer translator on January 24, he has been translating for domestic and foreign technical officials at technical conferences.Jiangxi by volunteers Chen Xuanyu: technical meeting, usually have the technology to foreign officials and domestic technical officials, which is we the NTO teacher, how should together to discuss the venue layout, each place should be how to arrange, such as the location of the shooting range, silhouette paper, and on the track of V board how put, is the arrangement of the venues.In order to better complete the translation work of the Winter Olympics, Chen Xuanyu and her translation friends received professional English training before the competition, studying professional sports terms and knowledge related to the Winter Olympics.Nevertheless, she still feels difficulty not small just entering working condition.Chen Xuanyu, volunteer from Jiangxi province: One of the biggest difficulties is that the interpretation mode here is completely different from the one we teach in school.In school, before we practice interpreting, the teacher will give us a series of proper nouns, but also introduce us to the background knowledge of the interpreting task, and then let us do interpreting practice after we are fully prepared.But it is different here. Once the teacher is in charge or there is anything we need to translate, we have to do it immediately. We don’t have any time to prepare, or even time to take notes or find a pen and paper.However, fortunately, Chen Xuanyu quickly find a method to master the law, the follow-up work also gradually with ease.Jiangxi by volunteers Chen Xuanyu: our knowledge of proper nouns, and the venue is not very well, me and my head teacher at ordinary times in the process of patrol venue, will pay attention to the accumulation of vocabulary usually, and the whole venues running process, familiar with the background knowledge, when we go to translation, you can probably introduced to what he said.Encountering a long paragraph of expression is a big test of personal memory, reaction, comprehension and adaptability. Chen Xuanyu has also summed up his own method.Chen Xuanyu, a volunteer from Jiangxi Province, said: Sometimes a speech lasts for five or six minutes without stopping. In this case, we will first extract the main idea of the speech by ourselves, and then try to briefly express the story, metaphor and some sentences supporting the main idea, so as to reduce the burden of memory.The experience of volunteering for the Winter Olympics not only greatly improved Chen Xuanyu’s translation skills, but also broadened her horizon.