Human touch!Jiangsu in advance to CAI Bin he Xi, Gong Xiangyu retained the captain’s post, Zhang Changning doubts

2022-04-24 0 By

Recently, Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team held a farewell party for CAI Bin, the new head coach of The Chinese women’s volleyball team. Although it was not a “grand event”, it was quite human. Gong Xiangyu held flowers to bid farewell to her teacher, and Zhang Changning, who is recovering, also appeared at the scene, but her health was questionable.For eight years, has served, jiangsu women’s volleyball team cooperation should be a “win-win”, between 2016-2017 season, has led the jiangsu women’s volleyball team won the first ever champions league, and also won the 2017 national junior titles, tianjin fans to become “double”, at the same time, the HuiReQi, Zhang Changning, the growing popularity of Gong Xiangyu pushed to the top!But CAI Bin, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team between the results far more than these!In 2016, lang ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team won in Rio, jiangsu women’s volleyball team in the “twelve Rio gold hair pin” exclusive three seats: HuiReQi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, also let the popularity has reached a new level, then a media asked whether has to take over the Chinese women’s volleyball team, when he returned to is: mind to jiangsu women’s volleyball team!Compared with Wang Baoquan, CAI Bin has two advantages.1. CAI Bin insists on the “all-Chinese squad”. He has not introduced any foreign players in jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team in the past eight years.Two: CAI Bin dare to use new people, such as the original Gong Xiangyu is from erchuan “into”, CAI Bin let her gradually replaced the “tall” Li Hui, Ni Feifa is a step to the top, directly replaced the highly optimistic Zang Qianqian, in contrast, Wang Baoquan tends to be conservative in the use of people.Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team is ahead of time, they congratulated CAI Bin in advance, in the farewell subtitles printed three words: wish China women’s volleyball gold medal in the Asian Games, ranked among the top of the World Cup, in Paris Olympic Games glory!The congratulatory message from Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team arrived before CAI Bin took office and the Chinese women’s Volleyball team had a match.Gong Xiangyu gave CAI Bin flowers, we can infer:Gong Xiangyu still retained the jiangsu women’s volleyball team captain position, the other day, Zhang Changning drying out of the training photos, but now she didn’t restore to the jiangsu women’s volleyball team captain, it seems that she did not get back to peak physical condition of the big probability, if so, plus is not surgery twila, for has: 2022 days and having a hard time!