Banana and egg, the effect is really fierce, adhere to a month, eliminate the belly, from back to 100 pounds

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Hello, I’m Xiao Li.Share different foods and life tips with your family 365 days a year. If you find them helpful, please share them with your friends and family.Today I would like to share bananas with you, add two eggs, adhere to a month, lose fat belly, back to 100 pounds, delicious and good-looking.Come back after the year, I believe everyone’s weight has risen a lot!After spring, it’s the season to show your arms and legs, when many friends start to lose fat.So today we are going to share with you a very delicious staple, soft and sweet, easy to make and very delicious, so let’s follow the content to see how it is cooked.1, first of all, prepare two bananas, here to share a way to buy bananas, we buy bananas, try to choose which radian bananas, bananas?It receives more uniform light, and the growth cycle is longer, eat more sweet and soft, banana delicious and nutritious, rich in a variety of vitamins and crude fiber, we often eat bananas appropriately, is also very beneficial to the body, but here you do not cross with an empty stomach practical oh!2, now we prepare the banana, the skin of the banana to remove it.Then put it on a cutting board and slice the banana as thin as possible so that we can use it later.Banana slice, wear disposable gloves, bananas into the mud, trying to grasp it with some soft rotten, banana beaten mashed bananas after it aside for 3, then we will prepare two stupid eggs, the eggs into the bowl, add two drops of white vinegar, can remove the smell in the egg, then mix with chopsticks,We try to stir the eggs with chopsticks to make them more even.After 4, egg liquid to deal with, we put the egg liquid and banana together directly, and then mix with chopsticks, here we don’t need to add any spices, because the banana is has a sweet taste, after mixing evenly, cover with a layer of plastic wrap, put on the steamer steaming for him to ten minutes to five and ten minutes after open the lid,You can take out the steamed banana omelette, really super fragrant, a little cool, we use a knife it vertical several knife, and then horizontal several knife, cut into a small square shape, so that more convenient to eat.Banana and egg do like this, we can use when staple food to eat during reducing fat, also not afraid of fat overmuch, and also very nutrition, low calorie and low-fat food, the friend during reducing fat hurriedly learn to rise.Summary: Every New Year fat three catties, even after the year more than fat three catties, if you are losing weight, might as well try bananas and eggs, so eat it.If you find it helpful, please feel free to give me a thumbs up and follow. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.